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We know how boring it is to find the right vendor, while scouting for right kind off personal lovable items and that’s we’re here. For the first time you get manufacturer rates for your bulk orders. What makes our bulk orders so AWESOME, our timely production and delivery will make you want to shop with us over and over again.
So, what are you waiting for, head over down and let us know your requirements and we’ll get back to you ASAP.
Please note the minimum order quantity for your order to qualify as a bulk order must be 100 pieces or more of the same design for our other Products category and for our TEES segment minimum order amount is 80 pieces. 
In case, you wish to place an order for a lesser quantity or for any queries regarding bulk and custom orders send us your requirements on support@saatkahonshop.com or saatkahonofficial@gmail.com.

Small Quantity Order/Individual Referral Base Order

We take same priorities on our small quantity or individual referral/commission based order, Its work like for an ex. If you are an individual who gives a product link to some one and that person buys any item form your suggestive links minimum order of one product or as many volume they are interested after their successful
purchasing of that product and when after the return period is over you get an commission from our end. Before the paid commission we need a prove of confirmation that you are suggesting the link to the
buyer, for confirmation prove you can send a photo prove to us which clearly justified the confirmation of suggestion and send it to our mail address or whats app no. +919804330563 or you can suggest the buyer to mention your name on our message box when they purchase that product. You get an amount of a commission as base on the order volume of the individual will purchase from your reference link. We transfer you a commission amount credit to your saatkahonshop login account as the same amount of gift coupons which you can use for shopping here, after the previous point will be matched. We paid you as a credit amount to your registered account in case of when the individual buys minimum off or more then a 5 items in a row in a same category, for ex. if the buyer gets a suggestive link on our tees category she/he have to buy minimum order volume of 5 tees or more then that of the same design or different ones but in total volume must be of 5 items minimum. If they do so then you will be rewarded with the amount of ₹5 for each item. Its means you will get (5×5=₹25) for 1 order of 5 minimum order items.You can only have this credit coupon commission on our tees and mug segments.

For more Questions, please write it to us at
support@saatkahonshop.com or saatkahonofficial@gmail.com

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